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    Drillto was established as a private company with Mr.Pengwang as the main promoter and seven other colleagues in the year 1999. He has, however, been designing HDD Machines since 1994. Drillto Trenchless Co., Ltd is a civilian-owned science-technology enterprise specialized in research and development for no-dig technology. Drillto is the world's fastest growing HDD Machine Manufacturer now and has a multi-storied factory with state of the art Manufacturing facility with machines such as EDM and CNC Lathe. The company is consisted of a batch of the earliest experts on no-dig area in China. The company is specialized to manufacture Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs (HDD) and drill pipes, meantime, the company act as the representative for the Locators and of the world famous brand companies. The company possess of a number of senior engineers research and study no-dig technology for long-term and has a team of amply experienced constructing troop and a batch of maturely specialized operators. We are ready to resolve your problems and overcome your difficulties at any times!

    From the establishment of our company on, our company nourish enterprise's gist of “honest to be a person, down-to-earth to work”, and has contribute actively to Society. Thanks to the trust from the old and new customers, our company is getting to develop and become stronger and stronger. Today, our company has become the largest scale HDD manufacturing factory with the largest sale volume.

    In view of the rapid expansion of no-dig market in China, also in the same time, to provide excellent service for the north-east part in China, our company successively set up “Drillto Trenchless Co., Ltd” in Wuxi and Shanghai.

    At present, HDD produced from our company has gone out from China and sold to Middle East and South East area, that is new starting point for our company.

    Tel:0755-29546072,81444466 | Fex:0755-29546072
    ADD:No 9 Jing Long Avenue, Ping Shan District, Shen Zhen P.R.China P.C.:518118
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